Are you living out your own plan?

Or are you chasing a plan that is not your own?

Do you know what you want in life? Is that really what YOU want? Or are you thinking of a life that is currently being lived by someone else?

It is important to take a step back and evaluate what you truly want in life, and why you want it. When you know what you want, you won't be chasing a false dream. 

We are often able to see a curated version of our friend's lives. The images of glamour, beauty, and perfection might bring thoughts of jealousy, depletion, or a lack of confidence.

We can be happy for our friend's successes and joys, and if we know what we want in our own lives, we will be able to recognize that our joys may look different. The acceptance of these differences allows us to be content for both ourselves and others.

Take a moment to write down what you want in life, and why!